Whilst I have taken my training seriously in the past I have never really focused on my nutrition. Over the last 3 months I have lost 7kg and I am nearly half way to my target. I have the energy to train and my recovery seems to be improving all the time.

I will be fitter at 50 than I was when I turned 40 by a considerable amount! Having held around 15 1/2 Stone for 7 years after an initial significant weight loss I was making no improvement in my fitness targets. Since signing up to GN I’ve lost over a stone with steady progress, and had to have 2 new holes stamped in my belt.

I would recommend GAIN Nutrition to everyone and anyone! I’ve lost 3kg and have found that this has resulted in me developing the ability to move more quickly and efficiently in workouts. I even have pull ups and HSPUs now!

So far my time with GN has been great. It has kept me keep on track and honest with what is really important: long term gains over short term highs. I’ve had a total weight loss of 3 kg but the big improvement has been in my overall health. Since joining GN I now focus my diet around whole foods (where possible) and have reduced my alcohol intake dramatically, which was a huge sticking point for me.